Supported Independent Living (SIL) in Perth, WA

Location: Seville Grove, Perth, WA

Discover the perfect combination of comfort, space, and support in our inviting Supported Independent Living (SIL) home located in Seville Grove, Perth. If you are looking for a beautiful residence with a supportive environment, our home is the perfect choice for you!

Cessible Healthcare is proud to present a fully furnished, recently renovated SIL Accommodation in Seville Grove, South-East Perth, Western Australia. Our spacious home can accommodate up to 3 residents and is located in close proximity to shopping malls and medical centers, providing easy access to essential services.

We currently have vacancies for individuals interested in Supported Independent Living (SIL) in this charming Seville Grove residence, complete with on-site support staff. Additionally, we welcome those exploring Short Term Accommodation (STA) and Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) options.

Join our vibrant and homely community, where residents and support staff engage in activities together, work towards personal goals, and actively participate in the broader community. Discover the joys of creating an independent and supported life within our welcoming home.

House Features:

  • This house features:
  • 5 spacious bedrooms
  • 2 modern bathrooms
  • 2 large lounge/living areas for socialising
  • Dedicated space for family meals
  • Large and well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher
  • Expansive outdoor space for various activities
  • 2-car garage spaces
  • Long driveway for a welcoming entrance and extra parking (3 additional cars)
  • TV and internet available for entertainment
  • Heating and cooling for year-round comfort
  • Blinds for privacy and light control on all windows.

We also Support you with day-to-day task like:

Personalised 24/7 Support:
We offer tailored assistance to meet your individual needs, whether you need help with daily tasks such as showering, dressing, and mobility support, or you require active or inactive overnight assistance.

Comprehensive Health Management:
We have experts who can assist you with medication and specialized care for conditions like epilepsy and diabetes. We also offer PEG feeding support to ensure your nutritional well-being.

Domestic Comfort:
We can assist you with shopping and meal preparation to ensure a balanced and wholesome diet. Additionally, we provide housekeeping services that cover cleaning and laundry for a comfortable living space.

Positive Behavioural Support:
We implement strategies that foster a supportive and uplifting living environment for you.

Enhanced Accessibility:
Our team provides hoist and transfer support to improve your mobility. We can also assist you in engaging in activities and appointments beyond the home.

Holistic Therapeutic Support:
Our dedicated therapy support helps you achieve overall well-being.

Empowerment and Skill Development:
We guide you in budgeting for essentials like food and transportation. We also encourage you to explore and cultivate hobbies and activities for personal fulfillment.

Drop-in Support:
We offer task-specific assistance with a support person who leaves upon task completion.

24/7 Support with Sleepover:
We provide continuous support with a dedicated room for overnight stays.

Transportation Support:
Our team can assist you with commuting to and from appointments and activities.

Appointment Management:
We support you in booking and managing appointments to ensure a stress-free experience.

For express of interest please call: (03) 8774 9686 or Email: info@cessiblehealthcare.com.au


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