Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As a health care agency, providing hosts with employees, safety is of our outmost priority. We are committed to and comply with our legal obligation to keeping our employees safe when placed with our host/client/facility.

An an employer we have responsibilities to: 

  • To gather accurate information about our employees and host
  • To consult with the host and ensure the workplace is safe before sending our employees.
  • To consult with our employee regarding the nature of the workplace, and that they have everything they need to perform the work including knowledge, qualifications and personal protective equipment to perform work safely.

    Employee  Responsibilities:

    As an employee you have the  Work Health and Safety obligation to

    • To identify your qualification and knowledge of experience to perform the job.
    • Identify licences and permits you hold and whether they are relevant for the role before agreeing to the role.
    • To comply to all health and safety of the host/client/facility  including their policies and procedures.
    • To take care of your own health and safety
    • To comply with Work Health & Safety, and ensure you do not do anything that could cause harm to yourself or others.